Go High Go Young! We Are Back!

Go High Go Young! We Are Back!

As promised, Hainan International Youth Festival is happening again!

Are you ready?

The 1st Edition of Hainan International Youth Festival was amazing. More than 1000 expats participated & had much fun on a point that many more can’t wait for the coming edition. Our stay in premium hotels, making new friends, enjoying the pool party, diving, colour run, music concert and other activities was just a plus to the good moments in Lingshui. The 2nd Edition is almost there and is awaited to bring more surprises to make us Go Higher! However, as everything new comes with new changes as well so it is with the 2nd Edition of Hainan International Youth festival.

Hainan Local Government wants to promote the beauty and specialties of Lingshui not only among the Expats but also among Local Chinese. It is always good to connect with local people while abroad which sometimes might come with sacrifices. It is with this purpose that this year the seats for foreigners to participate in the festival was reduced to only 600 while the other half of 600 seats was given to local Chinese participants . As you know that the expats awaiting to join this year’s festival are very many but the seats limited you are requested to book your ticket asap. In order to make the festival more “International” the organizing team have decided the quotas limits will be based on the 5 continents of the universe we live in. It means that only 120 interested participants from each continent who register and pay first will be allowed to join the 2nd Edition of Hainan International Youth Festival. Like this,we can ensure that the festival will be fairly multicultural and more “International”.

What is the Hainan International Youth Festival?

For those who missed the 1st Edition, it is the Biggest Expats Festival in China. With the official support & huge financial sponsor of the Provincial Government of Hainan, Tuniu Travel and your best friend of always Expats Express Hainan Tourism Island (Lingshui) International Youth Festival is made possible and affordable to everyone.


Venue: Lingshui County-Hainan Province

Time: Fri November 24th to Sun November 26th 2017

Ticket Price:

  • Full Package

799 (Super Early Bird) : Till November 1st

899 (Early Bird) : Till November 10th

999 (Original Price) : Till November 15th

  • Host Package

         199 : Till November 15th

Event Website: www.youth-festival.com


Why Should You Join?

Ultimate fun with your friends and meet new friends from all over China.

Explore the best Hainan-Lingshui could offer.

High-end package for a very affordable price where everything is there to guarantee the best stay ever. (Plane and train tickets to Lingshui and back are not included in the package)

What are the different packages available? How much is the ticket?

 For this year’s festival, two interesting packages are being proposed:

The Whole event Full Package and the Host Package (one day event package)

  1. The Full Package is an All-In-One Ticket which you can freshly grab for only 799 RMB before November.


Super Early Bird (799 RMB): Till October 31st

Early Bird (899 RMB): November 1st – November 10th

Original Price (999 RMB): November 11th – November 15th

What does the Full Package offer?


  1. Airport Guide

Our Staff and volunteers will be waiting to welcome you at the airport and guide you for the transportation to Lingshui on your own cost.

Other staff and volunteers will be waiting for you at Lingshui train station to welcome you and arrange free transportation to the hotel.

Free transportation will be guaranteed during the whole stay and all events in Lingshui.

  1. Accommodation in a 5-Star Standard Hotel

You will get a 3 Days & 2 Nights premium accommodation

  1. Meals (Food & drinks)

The ALL-IN-ONE package allows you to have free meals as follows:

2 Breakfasts (Sat 25th and Sun 26th )

1 Lunch (Sat 25th )

2 Dinners (Fri 24th and Sat 25th )

Limited Free drinks (2) will be available during some of the events (Pool Party and EDM Festival) and there will be stands to buy more drinks by oneself.

Halal food won’t be provided but the diversified menu would have something else you could enjoy as exchange.

Event Arrangement

  1. 1. First Night:

Pool Party, Fun Water Sports Games and prizes for winners

Accompanied by musics

2 free drinks with possibility to get more on your own & unlimited water

Other recreational facilities

  1. 2. Second Day (Morning)

Bikini Beach Color Run

Play with color powder / Enjoy some music and dance

Reward for the race winners

  1. 3. Second Day (Afternoon)

Water Splash Festival

Visit Coconut Village and have fun

  1. 4. Second Day (Night)

Music Concert (EDM Concert)

International Traditional costume show

Dancing like crazy with new friends from all over the world

2 free beers and unlimited water 

  1. 5. Third Day (Morning)

Monkey Island

Selfies with monkeys / Cable Tour


  1. The Host Ticket Package is mainly tailor made for the expats living in Hainan and nearby (Haikou, Sanya, etc…)

This Package was designed to welcome all the expats staying in Hainan and nearby and who can’t afford missing the much fun big activities on Saturday November 25th .

What can you expect from the Host Package?

The Host Ticket includes 3 activities namely:

  1. Bikini Beach Color Run (Morning)
  2. Coconut Village Visit & Water Splash Festival (Afternoon)
  3. EDM Music Concert (Evening)

Why so cheap?

Hainan Government wants to promote the Lingshui local tourism internationally and the campaign is heavily funded by them and direct partnership with Tuniu and Expats Express.

Therefore, you get the premium accommodation plus the ultimate fun in a very budget package!

Why are the tickets this time more expensive than the 1st Hainan International Youth Festival?

There are few factors accounting for a slightly higher price this time such as:

  1. November, December and January are the peak tourism months in Hainan (many travelers from Mainland head to the Island seeking warmer seasons) making accommodation a bit expensive than usual.
  2. More activities are on the menu this year as there was on last festival.
  3. Hainan Government has considerably reduced the financial sponsor this year hoping to see committed international travelers to attend the event despite its cost.
  4. The available seats are limited this time which, in order to balance the offer and the demand , should not be without influence to the price.

Is Air Ticket Included in the Festival Ticket?

The Package ticket does not cover neither the round trip air tickets to Haikou or Sanya nor the round trip train tickets to Lingshui.

How to arrange for air tickets?

Tickets shall be booked by oneself.

Here are some website recommendations where you can find good deals :

  1. Feel free to check tickets booking website from our partner Tuniu travel: http://dynamic.m.tuniu.com/flight/index?use=2

Feel free to compare with other booking websites for reference

  1. Ctrip.com
  2. Qunar.com

However, don’t forget that the later you book your air ticket the expensive it would be. So we recommend you to book your flight ticket before November.


Who can attend the event? Can Chinese friends be invited?

Expats all around China are expected to join the event. However, due to high participation rate, only the ones who registered earlier will be given preferences to join the International Youth Festival.


Feel free to bring in your Chinese girlfriend/boyfriend/close friends. We will provide some guidance about how he/she can secure her ticket.

However, be aware that local Chinese attendees are not eligible for government financial sponsor discounts: furthermore, their package price might be higher for them. 

When and how can we start booking for the event tickets?

During the sale period, tickets can be booked online through the website: www.youth-festival.com

Our team will be here to assist you with the booking process to secure your tickets.

Check the website and fill in the participation form. Payment options include WeChat Payment, Alipay and Bank Transaction options.

The deadline for ticket booking is: 15th November

(However, Note that due to high participation rate, the first to come would be the firdt to be served)

Can I cancel my festival ticket booking?

Yes , it is possible to cancel your booking. However, ticket canceling should be done before 1st of November and you will be penalized with a small amount for the service. A penalty fee of 200 RMB for full package ticket/ 50 RMB for host package will be charged upon canceling any booking. The penalty fee applies because the ticket booking system is a complex online system and cancellation of any ticket would have to be manually done by our staff, which takes extra time and energy. (Note: No ticket cancellation will be accepted after the 1st of November. You can however transfer your ticket to a friend)

Can I transfer my festival ticket to my friend?

Yes, transferring your ticket to your friend is possible. However, this should be done before the 10th of November. Please note that a penalty fee of 100 RMB for full package/ 50 RMB for host package will be charged for transferring the festival ticket to another person.

What will be the weather in Hainan during the festival?

Hainan has a tropical climate making temperature stable and not changing much during the year. The average temperature during the year goes around 23 °C (73 °F) to 26 °C (79 °F). Hainan ‘s autumn is from mid-November to December. The temperature is cooler than in the summer and it is a bit humid. The average temperature during this season is 23 °C (74 °F). This season is mostly the best time to enjoy the beach. We made the perfect choice for you, please do not waste it.


Will food be provided during the festival?

Those who attended the first edition of the festival can testify that one of the best memories was the food provided. This year also food will be served as follow: Friday (Dinner only) – Saturday ( Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner ) – Sunday (Breakfast)

*Note: Food supply Applies only to those who purchased the Full Package Ticket. Meals are not included in the Host Ticket Package.

Will there be Halal (Muslim) Food?

No. We do not guarantee that the food provided by the hotel will be Halal. However, there might be a wide variety of food from which some will be suitable for Muslims.

What kind of room will be provided for our stay?

1.Standard double room will be provided for your stay during the festival. You are required to choose your own roommate. Otherwise, the organizing team will get you one according to the availability.


  1. Single room is also available. However, a special request should be made for single room and an additional fee of 500 RMB(250 per night) should be paid upon registration.


How roommate will be allocated?

You are requested to look for your own roommate.

Otherwise a roommate will be chosen for you.

Which Hotel will we be staying?

Here are the hotels that the participant will be staying:

Ā luó hā, Aloha

jiàrì, Holiday Inn


hǎiyáng zhī xīn

 What should I bring to the festival?

First of all, don’t forget to bring yourself in a very good and energetic mood!

You may want to bring summer (light) clothes and suitable equipment for different activities (don’t forget your BIKINI for girls or SHORT for boys).

What are the steps to successfully register for the festival?


  1. Go to the festival website: youth-festival.com
  2. Click on “Purchase” the ticket. Select the number of festival ticket you want to purchase, click on “Add to cart” then on “Proceed to Checkout”
  3. Fill in the Billing details ( The one who is paying the bill in general) and fill in the Attendee(s) information ( The one who is attending the festival). It is very important for all the information to be accurate.
  4. Then select the mode of payment (Wechat payment or Alipay).
  5. Before proceeding to payment, make sure to select the box “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions*”
  6. Make the payment by scanning the QR code generated.
  7. Before closing the system, make sure to fill in the “Event Registration” Note*: These details are very important to ease your registration for the events, transportation and hotel arrangement. We will not take any responsibility in case you fail to provide these information and you undergo some consequences of it.
  8. After successful payment and complete registration for the festival, your ticket will be emailed to you in pdf format within 24 hours. (Make sure you print a copy and save it on your phone. This ticket will be required for CHECK IN when you arrive in Hainan)


What should I do if I have not received my festival ticket?

Generally, upon successful payment and registration, your ticket will be emailed to you in PDF format within 24 hours. In case you have not received your electronic ticket, please contact the customer service by WeChat ( ID: nabdkn)

How to stay updated about the festival?

We have our own “Hainan Int’l Youth Festival Groups”. You can request to be added into any of those groups.

Add Gildas 13404161170 or the Wechat ID: nabdkn and be sent a request to be added into the groups.

 You may also like to follow our Wechat Official Account: InternationYouthFestival to stay updated .


In case of any queries who to contact? 

Expats Express has set up an online team to assist all your queries or questions and to help you through the booking process.

For any information or assistance we have provided the following platform to help you:

  1. Website: Online Chat Platform
  2. WeChat Customer Service for International Youth Festival (WeChat: nabdkn)

For ticket and booking issues please add the WeChat ID: nabdkn

  1. Call on 15295529295 (Star)/13404161170 (Gildas) / 15850671394 (Nab)