Friday (Daytime): Arrive at Hainan & Check In!

After arriving at the airport ( Haikou Meilan Airport ), a team will be there waiting to welcome you. Our Staff and volunteers will be waiting to welcome you at the airport and guide you for the transportation to Lingshui on your own cost. You will need to book your flight ticket by yourself,  just make sure you can arrive at haikou or sanya before 2 PM on 24th Nov so that you can reach your hotel and get ready for the 1st event of the festival.

Once arriving at your hotel, you will be required to Check In with the Expats Express Team in order to confirm your arrival and validate your ticket. Once successfully Check In, you will be given your room card.

Make sure to book your flight in such a way that you can reach the hotel on time for the evening pool party.(Before 2 PM) Otherwise you are most probably to miss the pool party.