Bikini Beach Colour Run (Morning)

*Location: Lingshui

(It is not over, there still a lot to know about Lingshui)

*Hey wake up!!! Wake up!! In Hainan we don’t oversleep as you may miss the moon while counting the stars. We are finally getting there: The first “Beach Bikini Color Run” ever to take place will make your life in Hainan an unforgettable experience.

That’s not all, once the vibrant colour run ends let’s enjoy together the beach sunbathing, go surfing or even make the DIY sand sculpture (yeah let’s be creative and make funny things). Get your stomach ready to nail, the watermelon or beer contests, prepare for the wrist contest and ice bucket challenge and many more interesting games waiting for you only in Hainan tailor made to make you enjoy a special afternoon at the beach.