Saturday (Afternoon) Lingshui Coconut Village & Water Splash Festival

After the morning Bikini Beach Color Run, you will have time to have lunch and have some rest while getting ready for the next event that you should not miss at any cost. At 4pm it is time to get on the bus & take off for the guided tour of the “Lingshui Coconut Village” scenic area. Discover the deep Chinese folk customs, experience the Lingshui Intangible Cultural Heritage: rattan, pottery, Li Jin, batik, embroidery & handmade silver jewellery as well as a “happy Miao dance” performance. The resorts have an all-around unique angle displaying Hainan Miao original ecological life scenes. Everything will be in place to leave Hainan folk culture unforgettable memories and ignite the curiosity to explore more the place for the international tourists.

Moreover, participate in the Water Splash Carnival and get drenched. Take pictures of this wonderful moment with your friends.